People come to us with various problems:
We will be happy to add a topic you desire!
Mood Swings
Relationship issues
What does ShareSpace provide to you?
Our members are looking for guidance and professional expertise.
Mental Health Community
Share your content
We provide tools for you to share unique content and guidance in various formats.
Your own community
Create your own private groups, where you control the process.
Grow audience
Gain and grow your audience all over the world with ShareSpace.
Generate Income
Earn from subscription payments to your private group and content.
Mental Health is going digital, so don’t miss out. Advance your career and grow on the go.
If you are a licensed professional, then we want everyone on ShareSpace to know who you are. We will give you a check mark that will differentiate you from a casual user and make your group more attractive, demonstrating your position. Submit your documents within the app and get verified!
Monetize your group and earn
Choose subscription fee amount and billing period, as you desire
Use our Invite and Promo codes to grow your audience quickly and effortlessly
Gain new audience or monetize your existing followers
Set up your monetization account in less than 10 minutes
Bring audience into our app and make money from all their transactions for 12 months
No monetary input required from you
Our Advantages:
Our format promotes unlimited growth and therefore unlimited earnings.
Unlimited Growth
ShareSpace hosts members from 71 countries and allows you to spread your message internationally.
International Audience
Transfer your audience from other platforms directly into your group using a unique link.
Bring Yours
ShareSpace includes various tools necessary for your success - private chat, photo, video and audio content, groups and many others.
Personalized Approach
We are always willing to improve your experience, and encourage you to tell us (via email) what additional features you would like. We will gladly develop them.
You have the entire freedom over the type of content you post, how much and how often you charge your audience, how many groups you create and many others.
Do I need to put any money into this?
No, ShareSpace does not require any monetary input from you. All you need to do is create your community and start developing it.
How do I know I will get money?
Our payment processing partner is Stripe. It handles all the transactions, provides security of your income and its delivery to your card or bank account.
What currency are subscription payments in?
All transactions are done through USD, but our payment processing partner is able and responsible for appropriate conversions into the currency you select. 
What countries are your users from?
We value our international audience, and currently have members from 71 countries. 
What if I need a feature/topic, but it is not available?
You can always reach out to us and let us know your desires, and we will be happy to create the necessary tools for your success! 
Can I create multiple groups?
Yes! You can create various groups of different formats and monetize them all, if you desire.