“Together we can face challenges as deep as an ocean and as high as the sky.”

Sonia Gandhi
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About ShareSpace

About ShareSpace

What are we?

A safe place to share and discuss what you are going through. Emotionally. Mentally. Daily. In a community of compassionate, like-minded people.

Why us?

Here you can open up, give and receive advice on the topics of mental health and everyday challenges. An ecosystem of support, mutual understanding and compassion.

What Are You Going Through?

Life is full of challenges, and none of us are exempt.
Challenges we all may face in life.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Emotional burnout
Mood Swings
Anger management
Hyperactivity Disorder
Eating disorders
Post-Traumatic stress disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
Bipolar disorder


Family Issues
Relationship Issues
Physical Appearance
Education and Learning
Substance Abuse
Religion and Spirituality
Work and Career
Gender issues
Sex life

How it Works?

We have developed these features to make your experience pleasurable and easy, letting you connect with others and focus on improving your well-being.

Broaden Your Horizon

Broaden Your Horizon

ShareSpace Explore page is the space where we connect, build bridges and uplift others. The publications are presented based on the topics you have chosen, which facilitates your search for relevant stories that may be meaningful and helpful. You can always select other topics to learn about others and broaden your horizon.

Your Story

Your Story

Each of us is going through difficulties in life, and sharing can lift the weight off your shoulders. You can open up about the situation you have been going through, connect with those experiencing similar life situations and receive advice, perspective or simply encouraging words in our community of compassionate members.

Sharing your experiences and troubles with others can feel rewarding, as well as contribute to destigmatizing conversation about mental health.

Healthy Discussion

Healthy Discussion

Our discussion space empowers our members to uplift each other, leave recommendations, solutions and encouraging messages. We believe that everyone can learn something new from a healthy discussion and use that knowledge to change their situation for the better.

All Activity in One Place

All Activity in One Place

Our platform provides a variety of opportunities to learn more about yourself and improve the quality of life through shared experiences and mutual empowerment.

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Public and Private Groups

Public and Private Groups

A great way of connecting with people who are experiencing similar situations is through Public and Private groups. This form of communication emphasizes affinity and depth of discussion to overcome or let go of any issue bothering your peace. As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one”!

You can also create your own group and welcome members that are looking for advice and knowledge you can share. Whether you want to bring up a new topic, find like-minded people or provide your diverse experience to others - creating your own community is the best way to achieve that.

Why now?

Depression rates through years

Percent of population in each age group that has reported a Major Depressive Episode

Why now?
Source: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Twenge et al.
Did you know?

Mental health is as important as ever, and ShareSpace wants to drive positive change, making people’s lives easier and happier. Join us in our quest to reduce stigma and help those who need us.

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